a⋅cute [uh-kyoot] adjective

Sharp in effect; extremely great, crucial, critical. Penetrating in insight or perception; an acute observer. Sensitive to detail; acute eyesight. Geometry; an angle less than 90° ending in a point.


Acute Carpentry Ltd is registered in England & Wales. Company No. 7340359.

We are proud to be approved by Oxfordshire County Council Trading Standards service as a company you can trust in their Buy With Confidence scheme. We’re also professionally accredited by the Institute of Carpenters.

Terms and conditions

We publish our complete terms and conditions in full and in public so you can see the way we work before you agree to appoint us.

Normal version | pdf 320kB

Large print version for people with a visual impairment | pdf 420kB

Privacy policy

Everyone deserves a bit of privacy. Here’s how we look after your personal information.

Download the document | pdf 

Complaints handling policy

We all want everything to go perfectly but if there are problems we have a procedure to help.

Download the document | pdf