a⋅cute [uh-kyoot] adjective

Sharp in effect; extremely great, crucial, critical. Penetrating in insight or perception; an acute observer. Sensitive to detail; acute eyesight. Geometry; an angle less than 90° ending in a point.

Restoration and renovation

Renovating and restoring an old or dilapidated building is an exciting, but richly rewarding, challenge.

Whether you have a listed building requiring complete restoration (such as the Granary shown here) or simply want to remodel a tired family house, we can work with you to give you
the home you want.

Acute Carpentry will liaise with architects, architectural historians, landscape architects, researchers, librarians, and preservationists as required to ensure the craftmanship is respectful to the historical provenance of the building.

We can conduct repair work on wooden surfaces including windows and doors using specialist resin.

Our craft carpenters are experienced in the restorative repair of highly detailed external wooden gates.

Our full refurbishment services includes the sourcing of appropriate reproduction items to complement the look and feel of the building.